For the last year, working on a CPB project grant, WHYY in Philadelphia has done research on the media habits and preferences of the digital native audience, and worked on creating a public media dashboard that would chart in new and useful ways how a station is doing at the various stages of the membership funnel, from creating awareness to increasing usage to nurturing engagement and earning support.

Chris Satullo, vice president for news at WHYY, and Don Henry, director of WHYY's NewsWorks digital operation, reviews the research and the dashboard in this PRNDI webinar titled: Rainbow Charts, Dashboard Fever and Other Wonders

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While the benefits of public participation have been widely documented as best practice in areas ranging from sustainable development to public health and the arts, there continues to be no consensus on how to measure it. But technology is opening new doors and furthering the conversation in new ways.


Why encourage participation? Or in other words, why give staff time and resources specifically to the task?

It has been documented that when people participate in an activity, they develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, generate more innovative solutions, save organizations time and money, and demonstrate quicker changes in behavior. How might a community transformed in these ways benefit your mission?


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Do you have difficulty finding female experts for your news stories? What’s the difference between language that is “gendered” and language that is “sexist?”

Why does gender even matter in news reporting? This webinar will give you tips and tools for incorporating more women sources and experts in your reporting.

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Sure, reliable and accurate online information exists. But which sources are the best and what’s the fastest way to find them?

Our presenters are NPR librarians Katie Daugert, Jane Gilvin and Mary Glendinning.

This interactive webinar showcases some of the government, social, and music online resources they use to support NPR’s deadline-driven storytelling. 

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AIR and PRNDI recently announced new resources for negotiating rates to support freelance commissioned local stories.  Join us for this webinar to learn more and ask questions.  PRNDI President George Bodarky and AIR Executive Director Sue Schardt are joined by GPB VP of Radio Tanya Ott, Producer Karen Michel, and attorney Spencer Weisbroth who walk everyone through the new contract template designed expressly for stations and freelancers.

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A workshop featuring Dori Maynard, president of The Maynard Institute.

Maynard presents ideas to:

• Use new tools to strengthen ties to previously underserved communities.

• Avoid technological/community mismatch.

• Create technology strategies to ensure that newsrooms are not inadvertently leaving potential audience members behind.

• Use the Maynard Institute’s Fault Lines diversity framework to build a process of conceiving stories and business practices that include a multiplicity of views across race, gender, generation, geography and class.

The workshop is useful for journalists and for those on the business side of media.

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