Start a College Chapter

Public Radio News Directors Incorporated is a non-profit professional association that exists to improve local news and information programming by serving public media journalists.

PRNDI educates, advocates and organizes to promote high standards, ethical principles, and significant public service.

PRNDI college chapters help to carry out the organization’s main objectives to promote journalism education and training, as well as uphold ethical integrity and professional standards.


  1. Increase student engagement in journalism.
  2. The potential to host a PRNDI reporter training event on your campus.
  3. Additional clout to attract highly regarded media professionals for guest lectures.
  4. Chapter members have free access to all PRNDI training webinars.
  5. Great networking opportunities for future employment.
  6. Opportunity to enter the esteemed PRNDI awards competition.
  7. Discounted rates to attend annual PRNDI conference for chapter adviser(s) and members. 

Who can form a chapter?

College chapters may be established at two-year or four-year universities, as well as graduate schools that house public radio stations, have a department of journalism or offer journalism courses.

At least 5 students expressing a serious interest in journalism are required to start a college chapter.

Schools seeking to set up a chapter must have one confirmed adviser who teaches in the field of journalism or who works full-time at the public radio station based on campus, as well as one back-up adviser with similar credentials, in the event the primary adviser takes a leave of absence, changes jobs, or has other conflicting issues that no longer allows him or her to serve.

Under no circumstances should a school take any steps to start a PRNDI college chapter without authorization from the organization’s board of directors.  Contact Christine Paige Diers at for more information.

The Process:

Submit a request for approval to PRNDI’s board through Christine Paige Diers at  Include the following:

  1. A brief paragraph about what the school hopes to accomplish through setting up a PRNDI chapter.
  2. A description of the school’s journalism curriculum and/or campus-based public radio station.
  3. The names, qualifications and contact information of the people who have indicated a willingness to serve as the chapter adviser(s).
  4. The names, academic year and contact information of at least 5 students interested in involvement.

***Request for approval includes a $30 chapter application fee***


  1. Annual registration fee: $250 (the school and/or public radio station must provide payment – not an individual)
  2. Each chapter should designate a president and vice president.  They will be responsible for calling chapter meetings, organizing chapter events and the general welfare of the chapter.
  3. Each chapter must hold at least two educational events (i.e. lectures) per semester to benefit the entire journalism community on campus.  Programs should focus on journalism skills, ethics, diversity and career building.
  4. PRNDI college chapter adviser and at least one student representative must attend annual PRNDI conference.
  5. Submit an annual report of your accomplishments to the PRNDI Board.