UPCOMING WEBINAR: Building Trust in Your Leadership Team

Jan 18, 2019

Public radio stations that succeed in being news leaders in their communities often excel thanks in part to a healthy and trusting relationship between the newsroom leader and the station’s general manager.  

Usually these successful teams can navigate obstacles together that may seek to challenge or derail the editorial integrity or process in the newsroom. But if this relationship is strained, those challenges become more difficult to overcome.

The Culture of Journalism team will tackle the dynamics of that relationship between news director and general manager in a webinar on Thursday January 31 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Terry Gildea, PRNDI’s Executive Director and Mark Memmott, NPR’s Supervising Editor of Standards and Practices will unpack this topic.

This is the second in a series of webinars the Culture of Journalism team is presenting based on results of a comprehensive set of surveys of stations in late 2018. The group, which includes representatives from PRNDI, NPR, PRX and public radio member stations, has been working together to forge a common set of standards and practices for content produced across the public media system.

Over several months, the COJ team sent out the series of five surveys to newsroom leaders with the goal of gathering information to identify both strengths and weaknesses in the system.  Those were divided into five areas: ethics, managing talent, station leadership, daily journalism practices and public perception of content. In addition to gathering data, the COJ team presented a talk at the 2018 Public Radio Super Regional on fostering a station leadership culture that puts journalism first.

Gildea and Memmott will draw on data gathered from the survey on station leadership in addition to feedback from the Super Regional discussion to present scenarios that station leadership teams have navigated together. They include donor interference, unwelcome influence from a station licensing organization and making the case for why creating high quality local news content should be a priority in your station’s strategic plan.

Register for the webinar here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4571941268308061955

Contact Terry Gildea at terry@prndi.org with any questions or concerns.