PRNDI Looks To Start Foundation

Jun 25, 2017

At PRNDI’s annual conference in Miami, board president Terry Gildea said he wants to create a new foundation called Public Radio New Director Foundation, or PRNDF. This foundation would be a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Currently, PRNDI exists as a 501(c)(6). Under its current affiliation, PRNDI is able to lobby, but is not eligible for a number of grant opportunities and opportunities to build scholarship.

“So if we want to lobby Congress for stronger FOIA laws, or we want to lobby state legislatures for journalistic rights, we can do that as an organization as a 501-(c)(6),” Gildea said.

By creating PRNDF, Gildea said PRNDI could exist as both a 501(c)(3) and 501(C)6), much like RTDNA. This would open the organization to new grant and scholarship potentials while maintaining its ability to lobby. Gildea said the idea was one he and the board explored in the past year.

A first step the board took towards this goal was to change the state PRNDI is incorporated in. The organization started in Maine, but has moved to South Dakota. Although it’s still incorporated in both states, Gildea said the plan is to dissolve the incorporation in Maine and move permanently to South Dakota. Gildea also said he will talk with South Dakota lawyers about creating the foundation.

“It will open some doors to us for grant money, if we want to create a scholarship fund, a PRNDI scholarship fund for journalists or student journalists, we can do that with the 501(c)(3),” Gildea said.

As the board moves forward on these plans, it welcomes two new members into the fold. Jonathan Reaves of KASU in Arkansas was elected as the new small station representative, replacing Matt Shafer Powell of WFYI in Indiana. Alicia Zuckerman of WLRN in Florida was elected as the at-large representative, replacing Noami Starobin of WHYY in Pennsylvania. Andrew Meyer of WKSU in Ohio was also nominated for the at-large position.

Teresa Collier of Mississippi Public Broadcasting was reelected by acclamation as the large station representative. Rachel Osier Lindley of KERA in Texas was reelected by acclamation as the board’s treasurer.