PRNDI Contest Now Open for Entries

Jan 20, 2016

 The Annual PRNDI Awards Contest is now open for entries for those pieces that aired in calendar year 2015.  We've made a few changes to the contest this year and thought we'd outline those changes here.

A WHOLE NEW DIVISION:  We have changed the way the divisions are defined.  We've added a new division to the contest - for those stations that have 16 or more full-time news staff.  So, from now on, those larger stations will compete against each other under the title of Division AA.  Those stations that employ between 8 and 15 full-time staff will continue to be Division A stations.  LJC's, StateImpact Projects and other similar special projects will continue to compete in Division A.

A NEW CATEGORY:  Podcast - One digital-first journalism audio project built with the intent of online audiences.  Enter the “most representative” episode in a series.  NOTE:  For this category only, there is an Independent Division for non-station produced podcasts.

OPENING THE DOOR A CRACK FOR INDEPENDENTS:  As part of the new Podcast category, the board decided that we should let independent producers enter the contest separate from stations.  This new Independent Division is ONLY available in the podcast category.  Any independent who wishes to enter other categories will still be required to do so through the station on which the piece aired.

NO LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES:  That's right.  We're going to give it a try and remove the limits for each category.  This may be a temporary change depending upon how this impacts the number of entries a judge may be required to review.  

Those are the major changes we've implemented for this year's contest.  We hope you will agree that they will make the competitions more fair and (we are hoping) easier for judges to handle.  

You can find all the entry guidelines and rules here and specific online entry instructions here.  As always, questions can be directed to Christine Paige Diers at

Happy contesting!!