PRNDI Board Clarifies Podcast Category

Feb 4, 2019

At its most recent meeting, the PRNDI Board added some clarifying language to the organization's Podcast category in the Annual PRNDI Awards competition.  The new language clarifies that national distribution channels do not disqualify a locally-produced podcast from entering the competition.  The changes were proposed by the PRNDI Awards Review Committee. 

Committee Chair and PRNDI Board Member Johnathan Reaves says, "We were approached by a podcast producer who suggested that having a podcast distributed nationally should not be a dis-qualifying factor since all of the work on the show is done either by the local public radio station or by the independent producer of the podcast."  Reaves continued, "The committee discussed the changes and agreed that podcasts are unique since they are not necessarily presented 'over-the-air' as most of the categories are."

The changes will take effect immediately.  The approved changes add two clarifying statements - both of which are indicated in bold and italics below.  The first is to the podcast category description:

Podcast - One digital-first journalism audio project built with the intent of online audiences.  Enter the “most representative” episode in a series. TIME LIMIT 60 MINUTES NOTE:  For this category only, there is an Independent Division for non-station produced podcasts.  Podcasts that are produced and edited locally but distributed nationally are allowable for this category only.

The second change is under the heading "Guidelines on what is considered local"

2.  Except where allowed by the podcast category, entries distributed by a national distributor (NPR, PRI, APM) will only be eligible for the nationally edited categories (ex. a piece that airs on The World or a show that is distributed by NPR would not be eligible for local categories)

Any questions about the changes can be directed to Awards Committee Chair Johnathan Reaves at or to PRNDI Business Manager Christine Paige Diers at