PRNDI Awards Now Open for Entry

Dec 19, 2018

It's CONTEST TIME!  We know you're working hard to gather your best work and decide what you should be entering for recognition in various journalism contests.  This year, PRNDI is ready so you can actually enter your work in our contest at the same time you are working on other contests.  Don't worry, our deadline is still March 1, so you've got time.

Don't forget that the PRNDI contest has been the premiere national recognition for local public radio journalists for decades.  

There are some new things happening with this year's PRNDI contest.  First, we've changed the time limits for some of our categories.  We heard frome judges that our 60 minute time limit on many categories was just too long.  So, we've adjusted those times for many of our categories.  Note, that if you have a piece that is longer than the allowable time, telescoping is allowed, but editing within a particular entry is NOT allowed.  In other words, if the limit is 15 minutes, the entry must be a continuous 15 mintues - even if it's not the entire piece as aired.

We also added a new category this year called Best Collaborative Effort.  Here's the definition: "Recognizes the efforts put forth by two or more local stations working together on a specific project or a public radio station working with another entity on a specific project. NOTE:  This category is open to formal collaborations (LJC, RJC, etc.) and to less formal collaborations. In addition to the finished project, this entry must include a one-page written summary of how the organizations came together and what part each played in the collaboration – as well as any roadblocks that were overcome to make the collaboration happen.  Informal collaborations should contact Christine Paige Diers to have a new contestant set up in the Better BNC system for entry in this category.  Collaborations will compete at the division of the largest station involved in the effort.   A single award plaque will be presented for the winner - duplicates can be ordered at the expense of the winners.  Entries in this category are still eligible to enter in other categories as well."

As always, any questions about awards should be directed to PRNDI Business Manager Christine Paige Diers at, or by calling 605-490-3033.

Happy entering!!