PRNDI Awards Changes Coming

Nov 27, 2018

We know you’re already thinking about those great pieces from 2018 that will be entered in various contests so your work can be recognized.  While the PRNDI Awards deadline falls later than many, it’s our plan to open the contest early this year so you can get your entries ready at the same time you’re entering other national, state and regional contests.  PRNDI’s new Awards Review Committee has already been busy reviewing the contest in-depth and made some recommendations to the PRNDI Board that were approved at the board’s November meeting.  We wanted to let you know what changes are coming before the contest opens in a couple of weeks.

The board approved a new category called “Best Collaborative Effort.”  It’s designed to recognize stations that are working together to cover issues.  This will recognize the efforts put forth between partners – whether the collaboration is a formal one like an LJC or RJC, or a one-time cooperative effort to address a specific topic.  Stations that are collaborating on a single project will need to have a separate “contestant” set up in the Better BNC system and will need to compete at the division of the largest station involved in the effort.

The board also approved new time limits for many of the categories in our contest.  Previously, all but two categories carried a time limit of 60 minutes.  In an effort to make judging easier, the committee and board felt some of those limits should be shorter.  The following limits will be put into effect for this year’s contest:

60 minutes:  Call-in program, News/Public Affairs Program, Continuing Coverage, Breaking News, and Podcast, Long Documentary, Best Collaborative Effort

40 minutes:  Series, Enterprise/Investigative

30 minutes – Interview

29 Minutes – Short Documentary

15 Minutes – Soft Feature, Hard Feature, Arts Feature, Sports Feature, Best Use of Sound, Best Writing

10 Minutes – Newscast

2 Minutes – Spot News

Finally, starting with the 2019 calendar year, PRNDI will be instituting “Newscast Days” rather than having contestants enter newscasts from any day of the year.  Each quarter in 2019, we will notify stations of one newscast day.  Only newscasts from the four dates will be allowed for entry in the newscast category.  The feeling of the committee and the board was that implementing newscast days will level the playing field and avoid having all newscast entries be from days when major breaking news is happening in a community.

So, keep watch on the PRNDI website and social media channels and your inbox for the announcement that the contest is open sometime in mid to late December. 

Oh, and if you are interested in judging the PRNDI awards, please contact Awards Review Committee Chair Johnathan Reaves at or Christine Paige Diers at