New Feature on - From the Archives

Oct 30, 2018

Check out the new PRNDI website feature "From the Archives."  Periodically, we'll be posting items found in old PRNDI (and even prior to that, PRNDA) newsletters.  We'll post articles, messages from the President, and even some descriptions of conference sessions from years past.  What's changed in the business in the past 30 years?  What hasn't?  Here's one way to see what's new and what was happening early on in PRNDI's history.

All of the articles will be collected on a topic page - which you can access by hovering over "About" on the main menu for the site, then choosing "From the Archives."  

We also would love to post photos if anyone has photos they'd like to share - especially from prior conferences.  If you've got suggestions or requests for our "From the Archives" page, just forward them to Christine at