Nashville Public Radio Seeks Morning Edition Host

Apr 29, 2019

A smart, news-driven and energetic on-air morning host — that's who Nashville Public Radio is looking for. Morning Edition on WPLN consistently duels for the largest audience in the Nashville region. We want to grow that audience further, and we want you to help make that happen.

We're doing great journalism here in Nashville. Come join us.

Here's who we are:

·      A collaborative newsroom that prides itself on punching above its weight. We produce top-quality daily and enterprise news, file frequently for national shows and create longform podcasts. We value strong writing and visual skills. We regularly take home awards, break local stories and encourage each other to innovate.

·      A group of compassionate individuals who care deeply about diversity and representing our region. The country music you probably associate with Nashville is just one small part of the picture. This is a place with thriving religious, ethnic, immigrant and artistic communities. We don't live here because there's great live music (although there is) or because our friends want to visit (although they do). We're here because we value telling this community's stories and making it a better place through our coverage.

·      Journalists who take journalism seriously. We want to meet the needs of today's audiences. That means reflecting on our coverage and being thoughtful about which stories we pursue and how we pursue them. We aim to do national-caliber work every day. But we also have fun and prioritize balancing work with life.

Here's who you are:

·      A strong journalist. Part of your job is writing copy on the morning's top local news stories. You understand what's news and what's not.

·      A fast-paced multitasker. You'll write copy for several on-air breaks each hour. And after your on-air shift is done, you'll want to spread your wings by producing two-way interviews or reporting the stories you're most passionate about. It takes some mental gymnastics. Fortunately, you like mental gymnastics.

·      A confident host who loves engaging the audience. You'll be the voice many Tennesseans wake up to in the morning and rely on for the most important news of the day. You take that responsibility seriously. You welcome feedback that helps you become better and better.

·     An energetic self-starter. Your hours are 4:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, so if you're not an early riser (or willing to become one), you won't enjoy the job. Trust us! But if being a leader in news appeals to you, this is for you.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, three references, and links to your hosting and reporting experience to Nashville Public Radio is an Equal Opportunity Employer.