Hindenburg Offers 3-Year License to PRNDI Winners

May 3, 2015

  For the second year in a row, Hindenburg Systems will be offering a special 3-year license to all of PRNDI's first-place award winners.  That's right - if you've entered the PRNDI Annual Awards contest, and you win a first place, you will get the opportunity to use Hindenburg's professional audio editing software free of charge for three years.  

Hindenburg systems is a small corporation whose mission is to tear down the technical divide between story-tellers and their audience.  For the last few years, Hiindenburg has been a partner to PRNDI and has been at the annual conference to demonstrate its products.  The company wants to continue this partnership and as part of that is offering free licenses to first-place winners in the annual awards.

Each first-place news department will be contacted via email following the awards ceremony to arrange their free license.  

More information about Hindenburg Systems and their products can be found at their website at http://hindenburg.com/