Good News, Bad News - Conference Hotel

May 20, 2016

  There's good news for PRNDI, but it may be bad news for some of our procrastinating members!!

The Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, where this year's PRNDI Conference will be held - is sold out for part of our conference time.  That's GREAT NEWS for PRNDI - it means:

  1.   This could be our biggest conference EVER!  We're so excited that so many people are attending our conference.
  2. We've fulfilled our contractual obligation to the hotel, and won't incur additional fees due to unfilled rooms.

Still, it may not be such good news if you procrastinated in getting your hotel reservation.  

HOWEVER...there's more good news.  There is a Holiday Inn Express within walking distance (two blocks) of the Chase Park Plaza.  There is not a room block reserved, but you might be able to get a pillow for your weary head at that location.

Excited to SEE YOU IN ST. LOUIS!!