Frequently Asked PRNDI Conference Questions

Jun 13, 2016

We are looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis.

The PRNDI conference is coming up fast, and if you're planning on being there, the PRNDI board is excited that you've decided to attend.  We will have our BIGGEST TURNOUT EVER!  Be prepared to meet some new people, network, have some fun, and take home a ton of information that will help you do your job better.  We figured you'd like to have some information, so we've compiled the list below of "The 10 most important questions about the PRNDI Conference" that should help.

1)  What do I need to bring?
The only thing that's required is yourself, but you might want to also bring your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop.  Some of our breakout sessions will be more valuable if you can follow along or participate using your own device.  Having said that, make sure it's all charged up - we won't have a lot of places for you to plug in.

2)  How do I get to the hotel from the airport?
Go Best Limousine is offering a discounted rate to our attendees on their shuttle.  Advance reservations are required. You can get the information at the PRNDI website at

3)  I registered for pre-conference training on Wednesday and/or Thursday.  What time do we start, and where do we go?
The pre-conference sessions on Wednesday and Thursday will begin at 8:30 a.m. We will have breakfast available for you starting at 7:45 a.m.  Most of those will take place in the conference center in the lower level of the Chase Park Plaza.  There is one session - the Keeping the Story on Track session - that will take place at St. Louis Public Radio on Thursday, June 23rd.  If you've registered for that, please be sure to meet in the lobby at 7:45 for transportation to St. Louis Public Radio.

4)  I am only coming for the main conference.  Where do I check in?
If you are arriving on Thursday afternoon, we'll have a registration area set up in the lobby of the Chase Park Plaza from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  We'll re-open Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. - still in the lobby.  Registration will move to the lower level conference area by 10 a.m. - where it will remain for the rest of the conference.

5)  When and where is the opening reception on Thursday evening?
The opening reception will take place on the 11th floor of the hotel - in the Zodiac Room and the Zodiac Terrace.  We'll begin at 7 p.m.

6) Is food included?
Pre-conference registration includes breakfast and lunch on the day or days you have registered for.  The conference registration price includes breakfast and lunch on both Thursday and Friday, as well as Saturday's banquet.  While there will be some food provided at both Thursday and Friday's receptions, we are not serving full meals at those events.  Also, there will be coffee available in the morning, but no food or beverages provided in the afternoons.

7) What is the expected attire?
For most of our events, business casual is common.  There are a couple of exceptions that you should note:

  • On Friday, we'll be going to the City Museum in St. Louis for our reception.  It is a GREAT venue, and you will want to wear comfortable shoes (we suggest tennis shoes) and casual clothes (a PRNDI t-shirt and shorts will work great!).  It's a playground atmosphere, and you'll want to be dressed appropriately to take part in all the fun (like caves, and a 10-story slide - yes, REALLY)!
  • On Saturday evening is our awards banquet, and lots of participants tend to dress up a bit more than business casual - but we don't expect black tie.

8)  How will we get to the City Museum event on Friday night?  
Buses will be shuttling back and forth from the Chase Park Plaza to the City Museum.  We will have more people than can fit on the buses at one time, so you might have to wait until another bus arrives, but rest assured that we are planning to get you there and back! 

9) Can I bring a guest to an event?
There is a single ticket option available for the PRNDI Awards banquet on Saturday night, but that is the only event where we will be able to accommodate any additional guests - sorry, no guests will be allowed at Friday's City Museum event. 

10)  What if you haven't answered my questions?
There is a full conference schedule on the PRNDI website at  We are available to answer questions prior to the conference and at the conference itself.  You can email any board member or Christine ( with additional questions.