Free Transcribing Tool - A Tip From Bill Wheelhouse

Jan 16, 2019

Bill Wheelhouse was a long-time PRNDI member prior to his retirement.  He served in various positions in public radio in Illinois.  Bill shared this "Tip of the Week" with the Illinois Broadcasters Association earlier this month, and gave us permission to use it here.  Great tip - thanks Bill!

This one comes from Poynter. It’s one of the reasons why I threw a little money their way during their end of year fundraising campaign.

  Ren LaForme listed the top 10 tools for journalism from the past year.  They are worth a look.  This one caught my attention.

Otter / free for up to 600 minutes

“A little over a year ago, I rounded up the most popular automatic transcription tools, which turn recorded audio into text, and put them through the ringer. Then Otter came along and released a more accurate and less expensive tool a few months later. There’s not much to dislike about it. Otter automatically transcribes audio in real time (and supplies an even more accurate transcript later). There’s an app and a website version. Sharing audio and transcriptions is a breeze. Oh, and with 600 minutes free every month, you probably won’t ever pay for it. We live in the future.”

I am curious how this works for you. Let me know