Establishing Community Engagement Metrics

Jun 13, 2014

While the benefits of public participation have been widely documented as best practice in areas ranging from sustainable development to public health and the arts, there continues to be no consensus on how to measure it. But technology is opening new doors and furthering the conversation in new ways.


Why encourage participation? Or in other words, why give staff time and resources specifically to the task?

It has been documented that when people participate in an activity, they develop a sense of ownership and responsibility, generate more innovative solutions, save organizations time and money, and demonstrate quicker changes in behavior. How might a community transformed in these ways benefit your mission?


You can access an archive of the webinar here.

Presenter: Breeze Richardson

It was exactly three years ago that Breeze arrived at the doorstep of the Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU for a conference titled: “The Engagement Metric: Measuring the effectiveness of outreach, conversation & collaboration.” From there everything changed as she discovered she wasn’t alone. After 11 years at Chicago Public Media, Breeze now directs communications for the Kansas Board of Regents, and actively consults with organizations who want to track - and better understand - their community engagement. She loves data.