Edison Research addresses new opportunities for the growth of local public media (Webinar)

Oct 23, 2017

A webinar on Thursday, October 26th allows you to look at the answers to the question of what opportunities are available for the growth of local public media in the future.  AIR media will host the webinar at 1 PM EST that features information from Edison Research.  The webinar is a culmination of Edison Research’s "Switch On, Tune In" study that investigated the 'far corners' of local communities where AIR's Finding America teams embedded. Tom Webster from Edison Research, Sue Schardt, and AIR's Localore producers will present benchmark polling data and surface new findings producers and stations can draw on to open a new frontier in local communities across the US. 

You are invited to attend this webinar.  Register for it here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3692565052355133185?__s=XXXXXXXX