DEADLINE EXTENDED! Request for Proposals - PRNDI 2020

Aug 24, 2018

You spoke…we listened!  “Go west,” you said.  So, we’re going west.

PRNDI is soliciting proposals for our 2020 Conference location, and you should know up front that we’re looking for a locale in the western part of the United States.  Do you want to host PRNDI in your city?  Here’s your chance. PRNDI has extended the deadline for submitting proposals until Friday, October 26th.  Get your proposal in!  

Each year, PRNDI seeks a partner to assist us with the annual conference.  While we’ve never put an actual dollar amount on this partnership, we are looking for some specific items from a host organization. 

  1. We look to our host to help us get to know the host city.  That may include connecting PRNDI with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau.  It may include recommendations for local hotels that might be a good fit for the conference.  It may include helping us get the word out about the great things attendees can see and do in your hometown.
  2. We look to our host to assist us in finding local experts to participate in our conference.  Maybe it’s someone from the local college or university who is a subject matter expert.  Maybe it’s members of your own staff who could serve as panelists. 
  3. The heavy lift we do request from our host is to provide a Friday night event for the conference attendees.  We ask the host organization to plan and execute an event for all of the attendees (in 2018, there were 250 attendees).  PRNDI is happy to work with the host to plan the event, but we expect our hosts to cover the costs of whatever event they plan.

This isn’t just a one-sided relationship, though.  PRNDI does offer to allow staff from the local host organization to attend the conference for free.  This offer is limited to a total of 15 people and does not include attendance at the awards banquet.  The cost of banquet tickets would be the responsibility of the organization or the individual.

In the past, our partner has been either a single station or a network.  In this time of collaboration, we would certainly welcome proposals from groups of organizations, too.  If you are in a city with more than one public radio station – would you consider partnering to host PRNDI?  Maybe your station already has a journalism partner that would like to join you in being our host organizations. 

The PRNDI Board plans to select a 2020 host city when it meets in November, so we need proposals soon!  If you’re interested in hosting the PRNDI Conference, send a proposal to Christine Paige Diers at  by Friday October 19.  The board will potentially set up a time to speak with you during our board retreat in early November. 

Some questions to consider when preparing your proposal:

  1. What are the best things about your city for a PRNDI Conference?
  2. Are there hotels near your location that might be able to accommodate a conference of between 250 and 300 people?  Do you have a relationship with the local CVB? 
  3. Is your area walkable with restaurants, etc. within walking distance? 
  4. List entertainment options that would entice PRNDI members and their families to your community.
  5. Does your community have any additional journalism related resources that might be of interest when planning the conference? 
  6. What type of event could your organization provide to PRNDI attendees on the Friday evening of the conference? 

If you have any questions, you can contact Christine Paige Diers at, or Terry Gildea at  We look forward to getting some great proposals.  Don’t forget, the deadline for consideration is Friday, October 19th.