ARCHIVE AVAILABLE: Building Trust in Your Leadership Team

Feb 1, 2019

PRNDI Executive Director Terry Gildea and Mark Memmott, Standards and Practices Editor, at NPR presented a webinar on Thursday, January 31 on Building Trust in Your Leadership Team. If you were unable to attend (or want to listen in again), the archive is now available. 

To watch, click this LINK.  You'll be asked to register, but that is simply for the purpose of keeping track of who's seen the webinar.

Gildea and  Memmott presented some findings from recent surveys conducted by the Culture of Journalism Team on the dyanmics of leadership relationships at stations. Memmott also presented some case studies from stations where issues between leadership, license holders, and news leaders have surfaced. Gildea ended the webinar exploring strategies to strengthen the relationship between newsroom leaders and station leaders.

The Culture of Journalism project is a joint project of PRNDI, NPR, PRX, and public radio member stations.  This was the second in a series of webinars presented by the COJ team.  In October, Gildea and Memmott presented a webinar on Social Media Ethics in public media newsrooms.