Online Entry Instructions


Follow these step-by-step instructions to enter the PRNDI Awards. More information about rules, guidelines and fees is available on our "Awards Guidelines" page.

PRNDI is pleased to once again present the annual PRNDI Awards. Again this year, all entries will be submitted using BetterBNC Online Journalism Awards Platform.

Below are directions for preparing and submitting entries. If you have questions, please contact Christine Paige Diers at 605-490-3033 or at

IMPORTANT: BetterBNC is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox for PC and Macintosh. Please have a recent version downloaded and installed for the best contest experience.

The deadline for all entries is March 1, 2017. One of the most common questions from contestants who are logging in for the first time is “what is my password?” Please note as outlined below that the password for first-time entrants will be bnc (lower case). If you used the Better BNC system last year, your login information will stay the same as it was last year. You can change your password once you have logged in. 

  1. Login
    1. Go to
    2. Click contestant login at the top of the page.
    3. Select the appropriate contestant type:
      1. If you are the single point of contact for your organization, select Contestant Manager. NOTE: Once you have submitted 2 entries, you will be receive an email validating your Contestant Manager account, enabling you to create Authorized Entrant accounts to make entries on behalf of your organization.
      2. If you have received an email from someone else at your station authorizing you to submit entries for your organization, select Authorized Entrant.
    4. Contestant Manager and Authorized Entrant only:
      1. Select the appropriate Contest.
      2. Select the appropriate News Organization.
      3. (Authorized Entrant only) Enter your email address.
      4. Enter your Password: Note:  if this is your first time using the system your password will be bnc (lower case), and click Login. When you first login, the system will prompt you to create a secure password and enter your contact information.
  2. Submit Entries
    1. On the Manage Entries page, click Submit Entry (left side).
    2. Select General in the Division drop-down box.
    3. Select the appropriate Category.
    4. Read the corresponding Category Note (directly below the Category selection box), describing the category’s requirements.
    5. Complete the Headline/Title field.
    6. Add entry content:
      1. To upload digital file attachments (other than audio/video), click Browse, navigate to the desired file, and select Open. Allowed file types are PDF, DOC, TXT, JPG, GIF, and PNG. If more than one attachment is desired for this entry, click Attach More and repeat these steps. If you reach a point where you cannot add any more attachments to an entry, you may have reached the attachments limit, set by your contest administrator. Please try to keep file sizes under 5mb, to aid judges in accessing entry content.  NOTE:  These digital attachments are only supporting materials. The actual audio content must be added using its unique URL as outlined below.
      2. To add web/audio/video content, copy and paste the content’s web address into the provided Website URL field. To host your content online, either upload it to a free streaming content website (e.g. YouTube) or talk to your IT person about adding it to your station’s website. Make sure the content will be accessible online throughout the contest and awards process. Here are some examples of free streaming content websites where you can upload audio and video content:



IMPORTANT: Please ensure that items are not behind a paywall or a password-protected area. Judges may disqualify your entry if work samples are inaccessible.

  1. PRNDI does not credit individuals, but the system will not let us delete the credits. Please enter “Staff” here.
  2. Add Host Intro if the intro is not included in the url you’ve provided.   
  3. Click Submit.
  1. Pay for Entries
    1. When all entries are submitted (but before the Entry Deadline), log in to your account's Manage Entries page.
    2. Click Calculate Entry Fee (middle right) and review your list of entries for accuracy.
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the list for your Entry Fee Subtotal (lower right).
    4. Click the payment link (lower left) to pay for your contest entries, following the instructions on the payment page.
    5. (Optional) Click the Print icon (upper right) to print your list of entries and fees.