Wondering how much it'll cost to attend this year's PRNDI Conference?  Here is all the information you need. 

Registration is now open.  You can see the full schedule HERE.  The registation form is available HERE.  

New to our awards this contest year, PRNDI is implementing Newscast days.  We'll have one of these days each calendar quarter during 2019.  Only newscasts from these specific dates will be eligible for entry into the newscast category for the annual PRNDI Awards Competition.

Tomorrow, February 19, 2019 is one of those four days.  We'll notify you of subsequent newscast days one day before the scheduled date.

The deadline to enter the 2019 PRNDI Awards competition is Friday March 1 at Midnight Eastern Time.  We thought this might be a good time to answer some questions about the awards competition. 

At its most recent meeting, the PRNDI Board added some clarifying language to the organization's Podcast category in the Annual PRNDI Awards competition.  The new language clarifies that national distribution channels do not disqualify a locally-produced podcast from entering the competition.  The changes were proposed by the PRNDI Awards Review Committee. 

Editors. They’re the unsung heroes of the newsroom. They can spend hours working with a reporter, shaping and guiding a story, helping elevate the piece to something exceptional...and all without a byline!  

Did you know that PRNDI offers three generous student scholarships each year to deserving young journalists?  Well, it does!

How It Works

Any student whose work is recognized in the PRNDI Annual Awards Competition can enter the scholarship competition.  Each year, student award winners are asked to write an essay on "What Public Radio Means to Me."  The PRNDI Board judges entries and chooses up to three students for recognition.

Bill Wheelhouse was a long-time PRNDI member prior to his retirement.  He served in various positions in public radio in Illinois.  Bill shared this "Tip of the Week" with the Illinois Broadcasters Association earlier this month, and gave us permission to use it here.  Great tip - thanks Bill!

This one comes from Poynter. It’s one of the reasons why I threw a little money their way during their end of year fundraising campaign.


  The National Press Foundation is currently taking applications for a free five-day training opportunity related to fishing and conservation.  They encourage interested journalists to apply.

As seen in the PRNDA Newsletter, July 1991 - Note:  PRNDA was the original name of what is now PRNDI.  In the early 1990s, the A for "Association" was changed to I for "Incorporated."

By Fay Mitchell Henderson, PRNDA Member Services Committee

It's CONTEST TIME!  We know you're working hard to gather your best work and decide what you should be entering for recognition in various journalism contests.  This year, PRNDI is ready so you can actually enter your work in our contest at the same time you are working on other contests.  Don't worry, our deadline is still March 1, so you've got time.