A La Carte Trainings

Judith Smelser, PRNDI Trainer and Founder of Smelser Editing & Consulting is available to lead the following programs:

News Management and Editing Coaching/Mentoring:

News editors and newsroom leaders will get personalized advice and help with their editing and management dilemmas during a series of regular one-on-one phone or Skype sessions with an experienced news director and trainer.

$300 for four 45-minute sessions
$65 for each additional session

Editing Master Class:

This remote training applies the concept of the master class, a common instructional format in music and other artistic disciplines, to audio story editing.   After an initial session on editing best practices and procedures, participants will observe each step as public media editor Judith Smelser applies the NPR-style editing process to an actual story being produced by a reporter at the client station.

$600 for one station
$450/station for two stations
$300/station for three or more stations

Newsroom Content & Strategy Workshop Package:

This practical strategy package helps newsrooms work together to analyze past coverage and plan for future improvements.  It includes an expert review of news content, a one-day onsite interactive newsroom workshop involving interactive content analysis and exercises to help prioritize beat coverage, an assessment of newsroom structure and workflow, and practical recommendations for immediate action.

$2500 plus travel

“Get an Edit!” Story Editing Service:

Does your newsroom need more editing capacity, but isn’t quite ready to hire another full-time editor? Do you need an editor for a special series?  PRNDI’s editing service offers a cost-effective way to provide your journalists with an experienced, collaborative editor who’ll be there from pitch approval to final product.

$350 per story edit
$1100 for a 4-edit package (must be used with 6 weeks of purchase)

Julianne Welby, PRNDI Trainer and WNYC Senior Editor is available to lead the following programs:

Refining Your Broadcast Style:

We all know that conversational writing is essential for effectively communicating on the radio, but for so many reasons we don't always do it. We're writing quickly on deadline. We're leaning too heavily on wire services. We're feeding both the broadcast and digital beasts at once. We're welcoming more print veterans into our radio newsrooms. This workshop will refresh your staff's writing style so that it sounds like they're talking -- not reading -- on the air, and ultimately, making a better connection with your audience.

$600 3-hour remote session
$1200 + travel for interactive, one-day session
pro-rated for multiple stations

The Interview - Live or Scripted:

This workshop will sharpen the skills of your hosts and reporters to present more focused, engaged and informative conversations on the air, whether it's a breaking news scenario, a live shot or expert analysis.

$600 3-hour remote session
$1200 + travel for interactive, one-day session
pro-rated for multiple stations

The Quick Turnaround Feature:

The "F" word can mean very different things to editors and reporters. It doesn't have to mean deep dive reporting for weeks and months on end (as essential as some of those stories are). This workshop presents strategies to help reporters deliver valuable, even sound rich, stories to air and web within a day or two of an assignment.

$600 3-hour Skype session
$1200 + travel for interactive, one-day session
pro-rated for multiple stations

Other trainings:

Keeping the Story on Track:

Strategies to bring a story from breaking news to enterprise: how to prepare for urgent and disaster reporting; how to execute calm, effective, multi-platform coverage in the heat of the moment; and how to develop next-day and next-week enterprise stories that serve our evolving audiences. WNYC's Julianne Welby, WUOT's Matt Shafer Powell and KUNC's Jim Hill.

$2500 + travel

Vocal Coaching:

Do your hosts and/or reporters need fine-tuning? Is the writing great, but the on-air presentation flat? PRNDI provides group and/or one-on-one vocal coaching sessions for newsrooms.  We’ll bring a toolkit of techniques for delivering copy in a clearer, more conversational manner so your hosts and/or reporters can more effectively communicate with your audience.  You’ll be amazed by the progress made in just one session!  The vocal coaches are George Bodarky of WFUV in New York City and Amy Tardif of WGCU in Fort Meyers, Florida.  Amy and George have been wowing audiences across the nation with their vocal coaching presentations for the past few years.

$1000 per day for one station plus travel for one coach
$1800 per day for one station plus travel for two coaches